Dear Instructors,

I am excited to share with you my collection of activities for introductory biology students that will facilitate an instructor to create a more student-centered classroom. Several years ago, I only did one or two activities per semester. Now, I can’t imagine planning a 50 minute class phentermine meeting in which I lecture the whole time. I encourage you to scroll through the activities the way you might flip through a recipe book to get ideas. In some activities, you may decide you like an activity as is. And if the content does not interest you in some activities, skim it anyway, because the technique might spark an idea for your classroom. I have tried to vary the activities by content and also by technique (such as role plays, inquiry-base activities, jigsaw discussion groups, learning to study activities, etc.).

I hope you will find this to be a good resource. However, this will only be a GREAT resource when great instructors like yourself add your own ideas to this collection. I hope when you scroll through the current activities you will recognize that the possibilities are endless and no contribution is too small.

A good recipe only gets better when others comment and tweak it. My hope is that these activities will continuously evolve as more people use them for different audiences and share their comments. As a university instructor, I have not found a reliable, organized resource for sharing ideas like these. My vision is to have this be the first step in creating a community of instructors to share ideas in numerous, flexible formats. I hope this is a site you find well-organized and would like to contribute to.

I welcome your thoughts about the project and look forward to your submissions and comments.


Kelly A. Hogan

Biology Department, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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