Instructor Exchange is a place created by instructors for exchange of classroom materials and ideas with other instructors. Visitors to the site can participate in various ways: search for ideas, rate submissions, comment, and submit their original ideas.

How do I search? There are 3 methods:

– In the “search” area, you can put in a keyword. All categories of submissions  (activities, analogies, etc.) related to this word will come up in a list.

– Browse by category in the pull down menu. For example, if you want a cell biology activity, pull down the menu and scroll through the cell biology activities. If you want to browse media reviews, scroll lower on that pull down menu.

– Browse by tags in the pull down menu. This is a way to browse some key words that may be found in different types of submissions (activities, media reviews etc.)

Can I leave comments without registering?

Yes, no registration is required for this site. For comments, below a submission, we require your name and email (although your email will not be published). Please also consider leaving the school you teach at with your comment.

How can I see the most recent activity?

See the “recent posts”, “recent comments” and “archives” links on the right side of the website.

Not finding what you need? Help us build the bank of submissions and submit your own ideas!

How do I submit my own ideas?

Detailed instructions and templates are posted under “submit your ideas” tab on the top of the website. We have six areas of submissions, and” classroom activities” are now being peer-reviewed to support your use in career advancement. Types of submissions are:

Classroom activities *–  Detail an active learning strategy that includes a learning outcome and an assessment. Activities can be as short as 5 minutes of class time.

Analogies – Explain a concept with an analogous non-biological example.

Assessment – Share higher level thinking questions that you created that are open-ended or multiple choice. Focus on application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation type questions.

Video reviews – Explain why you think a particular video is useful to student learning.

Media reviews – Tell us about a useful website that you utilize with your students or in  your classroom preparation.

Article Alerts – Describe why a recent educational article made an impact on your teaching.

*These submissions will be peer-reviewed by the editorial board.

We believe that the work submitted here is original work. When a submitter has borrowed ideas, these ideas have been attributed. Instructor Exchange, its authors, nor its creators, are not liable for misrepresentations. If you believe there has been a misrepresentation, please contact