Reviewed by Kelly A. Hogan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Are you almost done with the semester, but still need to submit grades? Maybe your institution has you submit them electronically, directly from a spreadsheet? If so, kudos to your university! If this isn’t your situation, keep reading, as you may find this website really useful. Grade Reader reads grades from your Excel file aloud, so you can enter them electronically or write them on the official grade roll documents. I have been using my spouse for years to enter grades for over 600 students per semester. Now Grade Reader can replace my husband!

At the site below, the creator of the program, Jeremy Petranka, has a tutorial explaining the program and why it’s better than simply using Excel’s cell reading function. While he details the reasons UNC faculty will find utility in it for our specific grading management system, the function translates to any institution where instructors have to enter grades manually in some way. The program (Windows only) can be downloaded here too. It is easily edited to grades that fit your institution, and Jeremy shows this in the tutorial.

Do you have any ways that make you more efficient at the beginning or end of the semester? Please share in the comments!